Responsive Design with buttons doesn't work here, why? [Solved]

Hi guys,

I’ve got this problem here; When I resize the screen to test the Responsive Design Class, everything works fine, But… The buttons doesn’t stick on the background; I put them in the same div and tried a lot of stuffs, no success.

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Anyone Please.

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Never ever ever give your buttons a position absolute from the bottom!! It took me 5 minutes to find them, because they were placed of screen.

Thank you for your feedback BenGitter; so What do you suggest? Just change it to relative ? I don’t think it’ll fix the problem.

I would suggest using relative and then setting a fixed height to your image, so that the buttons won’t be able to get off screen.

It didn’t work, :confused: … I’m gonna keep trying different things.

I found the problem… The problem was happening just because I had the “img-responsive” inside the img class. Just took it out and everything is working fine now :sunny: :pray: :+1: :muscle:

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