Responsive grid

So my page seems to be responsive, for small frame sizes, but in between it isn’t. I’m specifically referring to my quotes. How can I fix this? Any other advice on my code overall or any tips would really be appreciated. Thank you.

Here is my tribute page…

You only have one break point set at 600px. Before 600px you have one column of quotes. But after 600px you have three columns which is too wide for the view port. You probably need to have a layout stage between these two that is just two columns.

Also, I would suggest you use ‘em’ units for your break points, that way it takes into account both browser width and text size. To get a good ball park value for ‘em’, just divide 600px by 16, which is 37.5em. It may not be perfect but it will be close and then you can adjust as needed.