Responsive image crisis


please see

i want the chair image to adjust to the screen size used

now there is no adjustment (until VERY tight)

i have tried my self, no go

i have a problem and need your help


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I canโ€™t see your code, and thus canโ€™t help.

I am assuming that you want your image to be the same size as the screen width, well if that is the case, you cannot use float property and make the image have 100% width, if that is what you want you have to take off the flaot property of the wrap class

Hi! Please describe in more detail, which screen size? The image is very small, only 300 ร— 225 px, how do you want to adjust it?

Upd: see my comment below

In the image selector, add width value 100vw and height value 200vw, obeject-fit to cover, give it position value absolute and z-index -1.

Maybe like this?