Responsive issue in my site

I am almost done with my site but there is a resposive issue . Here is my website . The problem is with skills section. The skills box are not responsive in tablet . This is because the text of the skills box are different , some box have more description than other. Is it possible to get those box same height. I have used ocean wp theme and elementor plugin to build the website.I can’t identify which class/id i should target to set a fixed height .

Probably not the best idea to set the style on an elementor class, but I’m not sure if you can add a new class to this element or not.

.elementor-icon-box-wrapper {
    height: 280px;

He did ask how to add height, so I showed that. But yes, a lot of times adding a fixed height isn’t a great idea.

I would like to point out that you are suggesting changing common classes used by the page builder. Do you really think making those changes won’t mess up something else? Adding flex to .elementor-element breaks a bunch of stuff, like the centering on the page, the skill bars, the contact form, and the .elementor-widget-image elements.

For that to work, you would at least have to limit the scope to just that section. Or make new classes and apply them to just the elements that need them. Which I’m sure can be done, but might make the maintainability a bit fragile, because of the dynamic nature of page builders.

I’m not disagreeing with your solution, but you can’t just apply it to the common classes used by the page builder (wrapper and element classes).