Responsive navbar issues

Hi, there. I’m stuck in a practice project, can’t get a clue to do this. My navbar’s nested item works fine on desktop device but in responsive device it also works but not fully functional as I expected. I used meanmenu js (a jQuery plugin for responsive navbar), scss ,html.

  1. Issue I’m dealing with in Picture

github source code link : GitHub - Mohammad-Ishaq98/hobi

Hope you all can help me… :slight_smile:

Hey! Welcome to freeCodeCamp’s community forums!

Is there a way you can host the project on a website like codepen so its easier for other members to help you. Thanks :smiley:

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I’m so sorry I can’t do that cause its a jQuery plugin & has to include its own js and css file. It will be a ton of work for a newbie like me to host that on codepen. but here is my gitHub page link.

And I’m so happy that you’re helping me to get through this obstacle

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