Responsive navigation sub menu no iquery

hey guys

So I am becoming very frustrated in my search to find how to create a navigation bar that is responsive with sub-menu’s that does not use jquery. All my searches so far have only been done with jquery. Can anyone point me in the right direction

Go old-school, purely CSS. Eric Meyer wrote a great book series many many years ago, based solely in HTML and CSS, with a number of different projects - a photo gallery, a slideshow, a shopping cart, and yes, a navigation menu.

The menu itself, with dropdowns, can be found at - as to how you might make the menu elements mobile-responsive, that would be more css.

For the record, that page was written in, I think, 2003, maybe '04, so it’s a little dated. The HTML and CSS still work, and are solid. Might be a great jumping-off point.

Point being, menus themselves don’t really require any javascript and/or jQuery.

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@matt_b I had trouble finding responsive menus without jQuery or Javascript so I made my own using only CSS. Look at this codepen example. It may help you.
It is pretty easy to do with only CSS.

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@brandon_wallace hey man this is great thanks a lot for the help