Responsive Overwatch Tribute Page - Feedback please!

Hey there!

I was having difficulty thinking of a "tribute page" and instead decided to make a brief page about the game Overwatch using Bootstrap V4-alpha (mainly for the cards). I wanted to do something that I could use more media and make it as responsive as I could. The images on the cards did not scale in a way to always make sure the text lined up when on smaller devices, so I had to write a second container to make a collapsing list-group, so my code is fairly long and unnecessary but I figured this was the best non-Javascript route to take. I also did not do myself any favors by placing a single image in my jumbotron which forced me to keep adjusting it's placement using media queries for larger screens to keep it within a "container"

Anyways, I would greatly appreciate any criticism and feedback on my page. Overwatch Tribute Page