Responsive Tribute Page - How can I improve?

Just completed the tribute page project.
Link is provided here:

Please give me any advice regarding element placement, responsiveness, design, and anything you can think of. Thanks!

EDIT: Noticed that some of the text on my site doesn’t work very well on mobile. Any advice for fixing that?

@bongotw Your page really looks great!!! There is not much to improve on it. Here are some tips:

  • set text-align: justify on the paragraphs.
  • remove the default padding-left on the ul elements.
  • the list items are long so possibly remove the bullet points in mobile view. That is up to you.

@brandon_wallace Thanks for the tips.
I’m not sure if I added these suggestions correctly (lines 68 and 91)?
Also, when I viewed the project on mobile, the title and title description would scrunch up together and overlap. Is there anyway to prevent that?