Responsive Weather App Feedback

Hey fellow FCCers! I’ve finally managed to get my weather app up and running. It should be responsive on 1x and 2x DPI, which was initially tricky to do without any frameworks.
I’ve coded everything from scratch, and only used Zepto.js for the AJAX call.
I used API for weather and forecasticons for the animated canvas icons as well as unsplash for the background images.
(Check out the project page on GitLab for a list of resources that helped me create this app)

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated and let me know if it breaks on your device!

Live App
Source Code on GitLab

Not bad. The only problem is that it says “America/Chicago” and I’m in Dallas, which I’m guessing is because it’s referring to my timezone. Is it possible to get the correct city with

Also, one minor thing. I would personally make F the default if the location is in the US. I know it’s sillly, but most of us don’t use Celsius anywhere outside of science classes.

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Hmm I’m not sure how does it I haven’t looked too deep into it but will check it out now that you mention it. Are you accessing the app from 3/4G or wifi? Sometimes wifi can lead to incorrect location, it has to do with your ISP and where your network is being routed from (?). Otherwise, if doesn’t give location (which it doesn’t seem to with a basic weather request) I will have to look into doing it via the geolocation api, maybe have it use Google’s location API to give me a location based on coords… (sigh!)

Ah I completely forgot to do that, thank you for mentioning it and thank you very much for the feedback :slight_smile: