Responsive Web Design (300 hours)

Completed this section fully! Responsive Web Design (300 hours)
However I don’t see a certification. What happened?

You have to agree to the academic honesty pledge and then you can claim your certificate.

yes, I have agreed to the academic honesty pledge. i made a screenshot to prove it. attaching below.
PS: I joined fcc about a year ago, and completed over two hundred exercises, then took a long break to get deeper understanding of some concepts and then came back after september of this year to continue my learning… don’t know if that is why it’s not showing my certificate. anyways just thought to mention that.

Does it give you some sort of error when you try to claim the certificate? Or is it just not showing up on your public profile after you claim it?

Oh … I don’t know what it means to “claim the certificate”… may be I missed another step? I think I expected it to just show that I got certified automatically when I completed all the exercises. If you don’t mind, can you please tell me where to go to claim the certificate?

After you have submitted all your project links you need to click the “Claim Certification” button.

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I found it! I found it! Thank you so much

Glad I could help. Congratulations on completing a milestone! Happy coding.