Responsive Web Design (Beta) Errors

Hello Gentle FCC staff,

After finished the standard “Resposive Web Design” I started the beta version.

Time after time, I encontered various error that I solved just refreshing the page a few times.
But now, I have problems with the “Learn CSS Transforms by Building a Penguin”: it happened yesterday and today too, just right now: even if I write down the right code, it says that I wrong (like in the picture - that is just an example, I had the same problem here and there in the previous section).

No difference using firefox, chrome or safari: it behaves the same.

Please, could you take a look at this curriculum?
It’s a pity it doesn’t work properly!

Here a pic of the situation when it gives me the error.

thank you in advance for your help,


Hi @riccardo.basile !

Welcome to the forum!

We just has this PR to work on the tests for firefox.

On my end, I just tested it with chrome and safari
it passes for me

Hi Jessica!

Thank you so much for your fast reply!

Now it works fine on chrome and safari, but unfortunately still not working on firefox and firefox dev edition.

For now I will continue on chrome, hoping you will fix it for firefox too, because it’s my main browser at the moment and I use it a lot for development :slight_smile:



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