Responsive Web Design Certification-bypass


I know this is not specifically what you asked for in the " Responsive Web Design Certification (300 hours)’ certification, but it should suffice and show my competency for all projects within that certification.

Just wanted to reach out before I submitted the link.

Here’s the url:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also, if you have any questions for me, just let me know!!


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Link to the challenge:

It seems to me that if you built that, slamming out single static pages with no backend that actually pass the tests will take you significantly less than 300 hours. Pass the tests, get the certificate. If you feel like really going to town, you can always update the link to a working project.

While what you are suggesting isn’t plagiarism, it does violate the spirit of academic honesty. Just do the work. I’d be shocked if all five projects took you an entire day.

Can I combine all five projects into one infinite scroll page? And submit one url to all five? Honestly, I just want to get through this Cert. as fast as possible so that I can move on to database/backend Certs that you provide.

Was simply trying to refresh my basic front end coding.

But I guess I can slam out 5 single page projects, I just want to double check before I made more work for myself.


Here’s a thought. Make your existing website more challenging to make. For instance, instead of using Bootstrap and jQuery, make the same project without it. Make it using Flexbox or Grid or even both. Write your own Javascript from scratch.

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If you can pass all the tests for each project using one page, I don’t see how that causes any problems with academic honesty. To be fair though, I think that’s more work, not less. As someone else suggested, using this as an opportunity to bone up on stuff you might not have mastered yet, be that CSS grid, raw non-bootstrap flexbox, or something else, is really the best option.

If you are really just interested in the back-end certification, you can feel free to start there. If your vanilla JS isn’t up to par, though, you can go back and do some review in just that section. Make of your time what you need/want. Nothing about this has to be dogmatic.

If you don’t think it’s worth doing, just skip it.

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