Responsive Web Design Certification problem

I finished all the projects and passed their tests, accepted the Academic Honesty Pledge yet I get this message “mahmoudafawzy has not yet agreed to our Academic Honesty Pledge.”, so what’s the problem as I need to continue studying and also I will be happy with the certificate

Not a big deal, you just have to go to this link and accept the Academic Honesty Pledge by marking the check-box under the title:

Academic Honesty Policy.

Note: Please make sure to read the instructions carefully given under the policy.
And we’re done. Happy Coding.

I have already accepted them and the website still telling me that I have to accept them

Double check that the appropriate parts of your profile are set to “public” and that your settings page shows the academic honesty pledge as accepted. If you still aren’t able to claim your certificate, please create a GitHub Issue describing the bug in detail (including things like browser type and version).

Can you please tell me how to create an issue and to whom do I assign it?

Bugs should always be reported as GitHub Issues. Whenever reporting a bug, please check first that there isn’t already an issue for it and provide as much detail as possible.

I made it as you said but didn’t get an answer yet, thank you any way
but if you know when this problem may be fixed please tell me

It will be fixed after:

  • A volunteer picks this up as the issue they’re working on
  • They are able to reproduce and diagnose the problem
  • They are able to find a solution to the problem
  • They make the changes and update the appropriate tests
  • Their changes pass all tests
  • They submit their changes for review
  • Other volunterrs review their changes and either approve them or request improvements
  • Any conflicts with the branch are resolved
  • The changes make it into the staging branch
  • The FCC core team decides it is appropriate and safe to roll out a batch of updates to FCC
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