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Been following the responsive web design course, and the new beta version. Thoroughly enjoying it so far. I have however just got to the technical document test and I’m confused. I know these tasks are a test of learning so far so, but I’m required to use “code” elements that have been mentioned no where in the course.

I understand from google that they’re designed to contain programming code but I don’t know any. Hence I’ve just started at the beginning on this basic html/CSS course. Should I stop this course and go learn some code just to fill the requirement. I know I could copy and paste some that I don’t understand but that seems to defy the purpose of learning. or just skip this project and come back later if “code” elements are mentioned later on?
Any help greatly appreciated. Keep on keeping on.

Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge:

You know HTML and CSS, right :slight_smile:

I guess I should know a bit if I’ve gotten this far. Thank you for your response. I appreciate your time.

If you choose to do the Technical Documentation Page now,
Questions about The "User Stories" you feel most ill-equipped to create, can be shared on the Forum.

Someone can Always Explain to you where you can Acquire the information that you are lacking to fulfill the requirement of it.

Thanks for your reply.
I did Google the “code” element. It just seemed strange to be forced to use tags that hadn’t come up in any of the course literature so far. Someone suggested using html or css in the “code” elements which I did, but I had to enclose these in “xmp” tags (thank you google) to stop the html enclosed in the “code” tags being interpreted. Don’t know if this was acceptable but it passed the tests, so all good I guess. Just seemed a shame that rather playing with and being tested on what I should have learnt so far through the course I was now bodging the result through Google search solutions, but hey I guess that’s all part of development and life.

Thanks again for your reply. I really appreciate your time.

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