Responsive Web Design done! Any feedback welcome

Hi everyone,

I just gained my first certificate and need bringing back down to earth! Let me know what I need to do to improve for the next one. It’s all in one place:



  1. Don’t make the projects link stretch across the entire viewport width, cause anywhere you click in that area it’ll redirect you to the project. I usually like scrolling by holding the mouse scroll around the page and going up/down (I imagine most people do as well), it’s not possible if everything on your page is a link.

  2. Insane amount of space at the bottom below the footer, not sure why.

Other than that, good job! Congratz on your certificate.

Thanks for the really useful feedback! I agree the image links are too easy to click. The unit tests check to see that links are in place but I will go back and try to find a workaround. I was unhappy that the last project image is shown together with half the preceding image without a sizeable footer, particularly on mobile. I’ll look to see if I can add a rule to the last image to help make it less insane!