Responsive Web Design Feedback Needed!

I just finished the class yesterday, officially. I was done a week or so ago, but i hated my design and deleted it all :sweat_smile:

Since I’ve spent most of my life in a shell and have become super freaking bored because of it…I’m putting myself out there. My Codepen

Let me know what yall think. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you


It looks really good but there a few things that can make it look better.

  1. The background color is a little too strong. I think simple colors such as white or a two-tone design like back-white do a better job.

  2. The navbar is too big. If you want to make it fully responsive without giving it a width, here’s what you can do.
    Put your navigation bar inside a div and do the same thing for your main (or header +
    main + footer) content and give each div a class or id.

    Put your navigation div and main div inside a general div and give it a class or an id.
    give this div a display:flex, flex-direction:row, align-items: flex-start and

    give your navigation flex-shrink:0, flex-grow:0 and some padding if you like.

give your main content div a min-width:0.


As you’ll see, your main content and navbar will automatically fill the screen without giving any of them a predefined width, making your website look good on any device.


thank you :slight_smile: i appreciate the advice and will be implementing that today

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