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Can anyone help me use RWD for this project? I do not understand it and no matter how much I research, I can’t seem to comprehend HOW to write the code for rwd. I learn better by doing, so maybe that is my problem. I do not want anyone to do it for me, I want to learn how to do this myself. But, if I had the code for this specific project, I could figure out what I am doing wrong and fix it in the future. That is part of my problem when researching, I look at the code on example websites and I get confused and overwhelmed. With my own project, I know what the code means and what it is for, so I am thinking it might be easier to comprehend if I get advice for my own project, instead of looking elsewhere.

Thanks in advance.


Hi @ashley.que Have you been following the freeCodeCamp curriculum? There is a section that is great for responsive web design.

You’ll want to use libraries to help. Bootstrap and jQuery work best for me.

Your media queries in your CSS files should allow you to change you nav-bar and image sizes, as well as viewport width.

In your HTML settings on CodePen, remember to add the “meta viewport” tag too.

If you haven’t read this yet, go here:

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