Responsive Web Design - possible typo

Hi there,
I’ve been going through Basic CSS (Add Borders Around Your Elements) with my son
and I believe I have spotted mistake that can be quite confusing.

it says

This class should add a 10px, solid, green border around an HTML element.

should be

This class should add a 10px, solid, green border around an IMG element.

Also I believe that code checking might have been a bit more strict in terms of HTML attributes. For example when we used something like <input type=radio> it passed even though quotes were missing.

Thanks for all your hard work and making this fantastic opportunity to learn. It’s gold!

Welcome there.

Thank you, for taking the time to open this. However, I do not believe there is a typo.

An img element is an HTML element, and the instructions are clear about applying the class to the photo - i.e. the img element - along with an example for further clarification:

Apply the class to your cat photo.

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Thank you.

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