Responsive web design principles lesson error. This should be fixed by now

I was only able to pass this when I took all spaces out. The instructions imply spaces in certain places. So does the video solution tutorial. This should be fixed asap as new students will get frustrated and waste a lot of time on this! It was happening as far back as 2019. Why is this not fixed by now?

Here is the incorrect(?) code that was given in the video solution. Even the lesson instructions gave examples that don’t work: I have placed an underscore every place a space was given in the tutorials.


Here is the code that passed the lesson with every place marked by an underscore above removed:


I see absolutely zero underscores in the instructions or video. Can you show us where you see underscores?

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No, I used the underscores to point our the locations where the difference occurred. The underscore simply represents a space in the solution code that did not work in the lesson. When I removed those spaces the solution passed the test.

Please don’t change code that you are trying to say is broken. It makes it very confusing to understand what you mean when you provide broken code that differs from the code you are talking about.

I am able to pass this with a arbitrary number of spaces in each location. I think the instructions and video are fine.

Jeremy your reply seems dismissive. I am a beginner and trying to learn. I followed the instructions and coded it correctly. It didn’t work. Then I watched the video solution and wrote the code verbatim and it didn’t work. Then I researched this particular lesson and it has a history of others experiencing the same issue.

Maybe as a veteran coder you understand how to make this work. I’m simply saying that for whatever reason this particular lesson glitches on some students. It was deeply frustrating.

I’m not trying to be dismissive. I’m trying to tell you I cannot reproduce the error you are describing. I don’t think that there is a bug in the instructions, but you may have a bug in the browser you are using.

What question are you facing this problem in?

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