Responsive web design project 2

How do I tackle #6 in building survey form project?

Please give your code or Link to your code.

<input  input type="text"  id="email" name="email" required>

if you are doing it on codepen can you please the link to your pen?

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@elo1, as previously stated it would best if we could see all of your code rather than just a few lines.
If you don’t post a link to your pen then please follow the instructions when posting your code.

That said,

  1. Have you searched for something like “html5 email validation”? It looks like you referenced the lesson which is good but email is different than text when wanting to put a specific validation error.
  2. You have input twice. Only need the first instance.
  3. I see what could potentially be another issue but without seeing all of your code I cannot confirm so I won’t mention it.

Hope that helps.