Responsive web design project challenge

I tried this challenge. And have a few questions. I put my text in it about one piece but almost the whole CSS I copied from example project. Is that allowed and is there some library with CSS or HTML that I can refer too. I just started with this so it’s impossible to remember all of those properties. And when you started how it felt to you?

Your code so far

google is your friend

You should not copy any code from the example project, ideally you shouldn’t even look at its code.

You can return as often as you need to the various freecodecamp lessons, and you can use google to find how to use things.

Try starting again from scratch, fork the pen with the test suite, and start from there, with a white page in front of you.
You can do it. There is a lot of stuff, you don’t need to remember everything. Just google whatever you need. You wiill find there are a few documentation websites, like Mozilla Developers Network, or devdocs, that are a goldmine of information. Googling stuff is also completeing fine.

ye but how do I now what I need?
there is so much in css ,when I see something I get idea how to use it.

you can try to first think on how you want the page to look

If you decide you want the mandatory image to be round and with a purple border, you google till you find how to do that

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