Responsive Web Design Project Submissions

Hi there,
I’m trying to understand the RWD project submission process better.
When you submit a completed project via the project page, where does it go from there?
And how do you have people check out your project for feedback?
I can’t seem to get the pieces to fit right.
I’ve read through some posts, but still can’t sort it out.
I did put the link for “” just above my closing tag and it brings up the test page fine. I run the tests against my project (which is in scrimba) and all the tests pass.
So I copied the link and put it in the submit part of the project page.
But, where does it go from there and how do I get any feedback?
Yes, me a bit of a newbie on the programming side, with the interactive web submissions, but can catch on, LOL>
Thanks, in advance.

Hi @ReallyWant2Learn,

As long as your project passes all tests you’re good to go. If you’re looking for Feedback on improving your projects (definitely suggest doing this) there is a Project Feedback section of the forum that you can link your projects and ask for it. Hope that helps.

-4trio19 :pineapple:

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Hi there, thanks for the reply.
I see that area now.
It is a simple page, just for kicks, but would be nice too see what people think about the basic styling, etc.
Thanks again.

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seems the perfect reason to open a thread in #project-feedback!