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Hey there!
Am building a tribute page on a code pen platform and am having issues on the radio buttons. they’re more than the list tags, please how do i make them equal to the list tags?

You need to give the link to your codepen so we can see your code…

I think you are referring to the bullets of the list items. Radio buttons are something else, used for taking inputs.

The error you are getting is because of the mistakes of syntax in your code.

  • <li><strong>June 12, 1964</strong>- Mandela and seven others are sentenced to life imprisonment on Robben Island, off Cape Town.<li>
  • <strong>February 11, 1990</strong>- Mandela is freed from prison.</li>
  • <li><strong>September 1, 2013</strong>- Mandela is discharged and returns home after spending 87 days in a pretoria hospital.<li>

Correct the error in the above lines and your code would be fine.

Apart from that you have missed </div> at the end of your <div id="main">

I have crosschecked it properly but the list items are still there. Please what should i do am confused and stuck?

you forgot the backslash here for </li>

you forgot <li>

Wow…thanks so much for putting me through. How could i have made so mistake?

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codepen shows error if you mess up something but mostly we need to figure it out
like if you miss <li> it would highlight the area