Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Product Landing Page - Gym

Please for some feedback about my Landing Page fake Gym

looks good mate i would say change the color of the email box or the color of the orange text to white or something as the orange doesnt sit well on grey it gets hard to read.
you seem to have some broken images that need fixing in the about us, as for everything else its looks cool man nice job.

Hi VoytecTheDon,

Nice work utilizing flex box.

I would like to suggest some changes. Try

  1. When you check responsiveness vertically, navbar bg length is compromising. Try removing ul > height:12vh. This should fix it.

  2. Add border: none to #email box. It will look good and increase left right padding.

  3. Try this with about-wrap divs and also with price-swap divs

.about-wrap > div {
  flex: 3;
  margin: 10px

Child elements will be evenly distributed across the width the view point.

Thank you for all your comments. Its really nice that you gave me that feedbacks