Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Product Landing Page User Story 12

Having a tough time with User Story 12 - not sure of the syntax to add that URL into the submit statement? Any hints?

Hello @abayer :wave: , so in your form you have two inputs, your email input and your submit input. when you click on your button (submit input) the email that you’ve entered in your email input should be submitted to a static page.

To do that, you have to:

  1. Add the action="" attribute to your form tag which should look like this <form id="form" action="">.

  2. Inside the action="" attribute’s quotes, paste the mock URL provided in User Story 12.

After following those 2 steps, you will successfully pass this test.
I hope this helped :smiley:.

Filled everything out in code and when I went to submit completed form it error’d out with a
‘Failed to Connect to’?

Hi @abayer, yes that does happen but if you run the tests it will pass, if you want the link to work you can host the code on your own by creating an index.html on your desktop and then paste the markup in there, finally double-click on the index.html or drag it to your browser and that’s it.

Thank you very much - I can’t believe how fast everyone responds with my questions and so accurate!!! Really enjoying the experience here!!!

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You’re welcome @abayer :wink:!

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