Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Technical Documentation Page ugh

how to
move the stuff i think its the nar area from the left side to the top of the page??
i have tried several things and its not working. heres the link to the work ive got

I thought the point of this exercise was to follow the fairly standard looking doc page with the nav in the sidebar.

If you want it at the top of the page why don’t you put it in the header like the previous projects? Also put it in a nav element and put the title in an h1. Don’t leave it loose in the header.

@StrayLove oh ok

yes i was following the loose. finished all that. this is me playing around and getting more of a hang of this. would that be the nav im putting in the header??

@tlc35us XD thanks for the help.

Yes, with the links.

problem is this isnt working either. lol. ill go back to the drawing board on this i guess lol