"Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Technical Documentation Page"

Hi there!
I need help, please!

I’m going crazy, I can’t understand what is happening, my code meets the other requirements, all except # 6 which says:
User Story #6: The .main-section elements should contain at least 5 code elements total (not each).

This is my codepen:


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Challenge: Build a Technical Documentation Page

Link to the challenge:

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Hey there @gabylearn!

The <code> elements are used for documenting code samples in html pages. I encountered this problem when designing my page as well, I ended up having to scrap most of it because of this requirement LOL.

<h1>And here's an example of the use of the "code" element</h1>

Here's a code sample :
<!-- This is a JavaScript variable -->
var myString = "a variable"; 

Some tips

  • I suggest you try to incorporate the tags into the Ant profiles, maybe use it for the secondary Ant profiles. Like the honeypot ants or the kamikaze ants.

  • Always read the fine print: or in this case read the user stories before you write the code, once you complete the FCC version you can go ahead and make a version for yourself.

Happy coding!

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Oh no hahaha O_O

Thank you @Cy499_Studios!
I will check how I can include the code, I hope it works out. And yes, I definitely have to review the user stories well because although I did read them, I think I ended up skipping that one.
I appreciate the help!

No problem @gabylearn!

If you have any more issues, feel free to ask the Forum! :smile: