Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page

Hi can someone help?

I can’t find where I’m going wrong. I have run the test and I’m getting errors in:

*Failed:Your #img-div , #image , #img-caption , #tribute-info , and #tribute-link should all be descendants of #main .

  • Failed:You should have a figcaption or div element with an id of img-caption.

  • Failed:Your #img-caption should be a descendant of #img-div.

  • Failed:Your #img-caption should not be empty.

Any insight will be greatly appreciated.

Your code so far

<!-- file: index.html -->
<!DOCTYPE html>
    <link rel="stylesheet" href="styles.css"
    <main id="main">
      <h1 id="title">Samuel Prescott Hildreth</h1>
      <p>pioneer physician and scientist</p>
      <figure id="img-div">
        <img id="image" src="" alt="Samuel Prescott Hildreth, as drawn by Henry Howe."
          <figcaption id="img-caption">
            Samuel Prescott Hildreth, as drawn by Henry Howe.
      <section id="tribute-info">
        <h3 id="headline">Samuel Prescott Hildreths Life</h3>
            <strong>Early Life</strong><br>
            "Samuel Prescott Hildreth was born in Methuen, Massachusetts on September 30, 1783. His father, Dr. Samuel Hildreth of Massachusetts, was a physician with a regiment of volunteers during the American Revolutionary War, served as surgeon aboard a privateer, and became a prisoner-of-war. Samuel Prescott Hildreth was educated at the Phillips Academy at Andover, Massachusetts. He began medical studies under his father, completed studies under care of Dr. Thomas Kittredge of Andover, and received his diploma in 1805 after examination by the Massachusetts Medical Society. He subsequently practiced medicine in Hampstead, New Hampshire until relocating to Ohio in 1806."
          <a id="tribute-link" href="" target="_blank">Wikipedia entry</a>
/* file: styles.css */
   max-width: 100%;
   height: auto;
   display: block; 

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Challenge: Responsive Web Design Projects - Build a Tribute Page

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Hey man, you just missed the closing > on your img tag.

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