Responsive Web Design Projects-Don't understand

OK, I can go there and see a pasta recipe.

Looking at the repo for this, it is just a single html file. I would recommend having a folder structure with your fcc projects that way you could have address like:

It is github that gave it that name

Right, but you are telling it what to show there with this repo: If you edit and change that, this web page will change. You can add the folders to that repo. (This is getting a little more complicated - this is why some people like to start with codepen.)

Can I change it to another name

I have my codes in codepen too

You mean the github pages? I think you can make a DNS adjustment to get another url to point there. But this is getting far beyond what we need to do for this project. You just need a tribute page and somewhere to see it.

So does my project have all the requirements?

If you’re already using github, I would suggest using that to complete these projects. It will be easy to move them to github and show them on your portfolio page later.

You’re going to have to be more specific than that.

I wanted to use both because I did not know which one to use

Just build a codepen tribute page. Worry about github and github pages and URLs and DNSs later. Just meet the requirements. Don’t make problems more difficult than they need to be. This is a common mistake that developers make.

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Ok I will do my best to do that

Sure, do your best, make mistakes, don’t worry about perfection. Just do something. If you get stuck, come back and check with us.

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How can I change the name so that it can link with what is in the website?

This is the link to my github page:

I don’t understand the question. But I think it is something you can deal with later. Just build the codepen tribute page. Don’t try and work on 5 problems at once - work on one.

You can change that page by cloning that repo and changing to to whatever you want.

I want to change the name so that when they type the name:How to make Jollof Spaggheti they will see the website directly

Do you mean that there is a url “” and it points here? You would have to buy a web domain and point it to your side in the DNS.

But that’s a very different subject.

Do you mean they type "How to make Jollof Spaggheti " into a search engine and it points to this site? That is a very complicated subject involving the mysteries of SEO.

But that’s a very different subject.

One problem at a time. This thread is about building your tribute page. Build a tribute page on codepen. Worry about that other stuff later.