Responsive Web Design Projects - Tribute Page

Feedbacks are welcome and most appreciated.

The image is not responsive, it looks too big on my phone and I have to scroll to see it.

Also, take care of using crazy fonts in the body copy. It can be hard to read.

Other than that, good work, loved the simplicity.

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In css you have imported two fonts Raleway and Poor+Story but you are using only Poor+Story all over. Please see:

  font-family: Poor Story;
  font-size: 20px;

so, your font family is inherited by all children of the #main element. If you want for specific elements to use Raleway you should specifically declare it in css by using:

font-family: Raleway;

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I started off with Raleway but later tried to experiment with Poor Story and forget to remove Raleway.

Hi, thanks for bringing this to my attention.