Responsive Web Design (Stable vs. Beta)

I’m completely new at FCC and I wanted to branch off and learn a bit of coding on the side. I wanted to do the recommended order and start of with responsive web design. I was almost done with the first section HTML & HTML5 and I noticed that there was a beta of the responsive web design which looks much cooler and more complete. This leaves me with a few questions:

  1. Will my progress be saved once the beta is complete?
  2. Should I choose the beta over the stable version? Rather, should i just start over with the beta while i’m still beginning or do i finish the stable version first?
  3. Is there much difference between both?
  4. Will the other courses that you offer also go through a revamped beta stage as well?

Welcome to the forums @Mizzy. Let me try answering your questions.

  1. It should be but there is a chance it may get lost. But, to claim your certification you need to complete the five projects. Those will not get lost so you’ll be okay. And if for some reason you need to reference any of the lessons again and your progress has been lost it’s always good to redo that lesson to reinforce what you’ve forgotten so it’s kind of a win-win.
  2. The beta is a rewrite of the original RWD course. It has you do a series of projects and has a lot of repetitiveness so it should reinforce what you’re learning.
  3. The beta is hopefully a better learning experience for those new to coding. The projects for both are the same.
  4. Other courses will be updated but it takes a while to rewrite the courses.

EDIT: I’m sure one of the other mods or staff will step in and elaborate on anything I may have forgotten or glossed over.

It should be, but it’s important to remember that there are still going to be bugs found and changes made that could be disruptive. That could mean that some of your lesson progress is lost. You will not lose certificates as a result of any changes. Even if the certificate were to stop appearing on your profile due to a code change, you will still be able to resubmit the same projects. The projects are the only thing that is required for certificates.

Totally your choice. Are you comfortable with the possibility that you might run into some errors or bugs as a beta tester? How far have you made it in the stable curriculum? Feel free to try a couple of the exercises in the beta course and see if you like it better. In either case there is no need to repeat anything you’ve already learned. If you finish the Responsive Web Design section, don’t repeat it. Move on.

Mostly in the teaching format. Some content will be more up to date. Lessons for some specific topics have been added, moved, or changed in response to the feedback we’ve seen over the years. Take a look and see what you think.

The whole curriculum is being worked on as part of freeCodeCamp v7. This is a long and slow process. Once the team thinks that another section of the curriculum is ready for public testing, you’ll see an announcement. It’s safe to guess that the new RWD material will have been moved to the main curriculum by then.


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