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Very new here and I’m stuck on the step 2 of the Responsive web design. It keeps on saying that I should add an opening tag, which I assume has been already included. Need help, thanks.

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  </h1>Cat Photos<h2>
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Challenge: Step 2

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Add the <h2> element below the <h1> element. Don’t replace it.


You need to make a new h2 element with the provided text, not change the existing tag on the h1 element.

You cannot mix up html tags as it is invalid, the below code will never work. A html start and end tag must always use the same element type.

This will not work.

<h1>Hello world</h2>

This will work

<h1>Hello world</h1>

this was exactly what i did still didnt work

Hi, if you’ve searched online for how to format HTML code and the forums for people having similar issues and still are unsure, please make your own forum post.

Do this by clicking ‘new topic’ on the forum, or ‘ask for help’ on the lesson you are stuck on.

please do you know the solution to responsive web design step 2

On the forum we don’t give solutions and the mods will remove them. They don’t help people learn—having an answer doesn’t mean understanding why it works.

I can see you’ve made your own forum post on the topic. I will look at it.

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