Responsive Web Design: Step 64

What am I missing?
This is how my code is structured:

        <p a href=""> Visit our website.></a></p>

Here is the text that needs to be linked

Visit our website

Here is the text you are linking

 Visit our website.

You should see the main difference, but there is also a not so obvious difference as well. Notice how you your Visit text starts more towards the right? You need to get rid of the space before visist

I removed the space and it says: Your new a element should be nested within your new p element. You should have exactly one a element.

        <p a href="">Visit our website</a></p>

Are there any characters I could possibly be missing?

You’re missing something that goes before the a

I tried this:

<p class="a href="Visit our website

and this:

<a href="Visit our website

You need to go back to this and add the missing character thats supposed to come before the a. This is your closest as there are several things not exactly right in the the two options you showed

I found that I had to reset the solution because it was not clearing correctly.

Visit our website

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