Responsive Web Design Tribute Page Project Issue

Alright, so I have gone through the entire course up until the point where I am now, which is where I am given a much larger project of coding an entire web-page. Specifically, a Tribute Page.

I will begin from literally the beginning. It is only fitting since this is my first time EVER learning code in a serious sense:

I began the course, and was plowing through each item and task easily. I read through each course and understood the material without issue. It was like going through grade school again, but as an adult.

Keep in mind that as I am going through each task, I am aware that not one of them is an actual “project”, but rather just mini-projects or examples. I can tell that they are all pieces of a larger whole, and I am being guided into understanding each element.
It has been a wonderful experience and has capture my energy throughout the course…
up until this FUCKING POINT.

Why is it that after learning what I have so far through this beginners course, that I am thrust head-first into a project that has SO MANY elements that I have NOT been taught?

Let me explain further -
When I first glance through the intro of the project (before I’ve actually opened up the template to start with) I notice something just at the top called “User Stories”, for which I soon learn is something of a request within the project itself (granted they provided a link to a description of said “User Stories”).
These are clearly not something I’ve learned up to this point, and will become more problematic for me in a moment.

So, I skim further through the page and read through the “User Stories” and find that they all seem to ask for elements that I am familiar with, given that I had just finished the corresponding course.
Seems right.

I open the template. It is what I would expect so far, with an area for HTML, CSS and a preview section. Additionally, there are some features I am not familiar with, but not anything too overwhelming yet.
It isn’t until I read the instructions on the JS(Babel) section that I run into issues.
It states:
- Select the project you would
like to complete from the dropdown

  • Click the “RUN TESTS” button to
    run the tests against the blank
  • Click the “TESTS” button to see
    the individual test cases.
    (should all be failing at first)
  • Start coding! As you fulfill each
    test case, you will see them go
    from red to green.

It sounds like it is going to guide me in some what as to AT LEAST the format as literally all the courses before this have done.
No… Not at all.

What I am left with when I actually do click “RUN TESTS” and then click the “TESTS” button to see the individual test cases, is a fat fucking list of jumbled word-salad nonsense that I haven’t a clue of:

(Refer to said template to see what I am referring to in this section)

I cannot stress how infuriating it is to look at this and not know what the hell I am looking at. I quite literally do not even have a clue where I am supposed to start.
I don’t know what format I am to have, unless it just wants me to make an identical Tribute Page to the one previewed.
I don’t know if it wants me to center align, left align, etc.?
I don’t know what kind of media it wants me to have.
I don’t know what the fuck all of those seemingly random links are for in the test results.
I don’t know what the hell “null” is referring to.

Okay, I can keep listing, but I think anyone reading this should be able to catch on by now that that long grocery list of code looks like hieroglyphs to me.

The problem is that I went through the entire course until this point with NO issues. It was super easy and I understood it just fine. I don’t want a response of “run the course again”. That isn’t the problem. I know the code. The problem is the introduction of new and foreign elements or words that I have not been taught, and the vague ask without any guidance on what the hell they really want me to do here.

Before you ask, yes, I went through the forum and looked for others having this issue. Some seemed similar, but none have seemed to have the actual problem I have here.

Your code so far
Obviously none.

Your browser information:

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Challenge: Build a Tribute Page

Link to the challenge:

Please stop with the cursing. It does nothing to get your point across. Everyone at some point in their career gets frustrated but cursing does nothing to alleviate the situation.

FCC uses the Read Search Ask method of teaching. There is no course that is entirely comprehensive because things move too fast. While doing the course you are introduced to concepts and doing the lessons you can see in real time what is happening in the preview pane. You can also stay on that lesson and do additional things to see what happens.

When brought to the projects you are given a starting point. Those are the user stories. That is, to complete the project you have to meet each of the requirements that will fulfill what the “customer” wants.
To ensure that each of the user stories has been successfully met you are given a test script as described in the JS section. When you first start, the tests will fail…which should be expected.

In a way it is guiding you. The test each relate to a user story. When a test fails you will see the button is red. When a test fails, click the red button to see which test(s) are failing and text to help you correct the issue.
Be sure and read more than just the first line of the failing message. The ability to read and comprehend error messages is a skill you’ll need to acquire as a developer. Ask questions on what you don’t understand.
The first three lines are the ones that are relevant. The rest is part of a stack trace and not something that you would/should be concerned about.
Btw, in a real life situation you will be confronted with this type of error message though it may not be quite as informative. Depends on who wrote the test case.

Start by fulfilling the first user story. Then move on to the next.

You should not replicate the sample projects. They show just one way the project can be completed. The instructions say that yours should be “functionally similar” and to “give it your own personal style”.

That’s part of styling. Style it the way you’d like.

I’m not sure what you’re asking here

You can research and find out what “null” means.

Once again, FCC uses the Read Search Ask method. It is daunting to actually sit and start writing that first line of code on your own. Don’t accept defeat just because it’s daunting. You said yourself that " I went through the entire course until this point with NO issues". Now is the time to put what you learned into practice.

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Thank you for your response! That was significantly helpful.

And I apologize for the profanity. Being a Navy Vet, I adopted a more colorful way of expressing emotion from a young age.
I will keep that in mind for future posts.

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