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the projects do not change between dark and night mode. The freeCodeCamp dark mode doesn’t interfere with the tests, but as you said, the background is white. Dark reader, when css is tested, can cause interference, because often the tests test the css rendered in the browser, which Dark reader changes. Would you maybe be able to deactivate it long enough to run the tests?

Could you maybe do a bug report/feature request on the issue tracker on GitHub? We want that freeCodeCamp be accessible, and your feedback can be invaluable to help with that.

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​Dear @ilenia

The news part would be useful to me in dark mode as well, sometimes I need some breathing space and visit the forum or news section while studying at FCC. Would you mind if I requested that on GitHub?

all feature requests can go on github, yeah

Suggestion: have a way to quickly go through the steps instead of running each test, because one might already have html or basic css knowledge but he doesnt need to sit through each step. Currently it’s dont by clicking each step, viewing it, and then going back to main page and clicking on next step

The practice projects are optional and can be skipped.

I understand. The suggestion is for users who just want to see the topics taught incase he needs brushing up on anyone

It doesn’t make any sense to have to “ask” for help each time there is an issue with my code. If you had an actual reference area or you had instructions in the first place (i.e., proper syntax, terminology, etc.) on how to use the different coding components, or even just some simple examples to follow, it would be a lot better for the coder, aka me. Because by knowing the syntax or how to use the code (like @media) I could figure it out for myself. Most of the “basic” codes in your program are like this, but the more complicated ones (which this is needed more for) are not. And with no prior instruction or syntax on how to use these more sophisticated codes I (and I’m sure many others) am “totally” lost. I am currently lost on the @media (min max) syntax and usage and cannot seem to find any posts, etc. anywhere. If you have a recommended website that I can reference syntax code that you cover in these courses it would be appreciated if you could supply it to all that code here. Thanx.

this is an issue in the curricumul we are aware of and working at fixing it!

official HTML and CSS documentation cover all the syntax covered in the curriculum and more
for example

Being a part of the freeCodeCamp community is a true blessing. In my two years of learning web development, I have never before encountered a platform with so many potential developers who are constantly available for the community’s novices. I truly do admire this community a great deal. I’m grateful. for always being there for all of us rookie programmers. Special thanks to @QuincyLarson :rocket: :grin:


I have completed & passed all projects, but the profile is not updating my 4th projects, see the attachments below!

Suggest me, what can i do now??

did you press the “Submit” button?

I submitted!
it Again said me to complete Project-4

I mean, it looks like vscode, but where’s my VIM keybindings at? :wink:

hii michael , greetings for the day,could help me through this line of code where have to create a anchor tag with the text freeecodecamp though i’ve done the same but throwing an error here , do lemme known where i have gone wrong
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If you have a question about a specific challenge as it relates to your written code for that challenge, just click the Ask for Help button located on the challenge. It will create a new topic with all code you have written and include a link to the challenge also. You will still be able to ask any questions in the post before submitting it to the forum.

Thank you.

i read the faq at the beginning, but i’m not entirely sure what’s the relationship between new and old course.
is the new meant to replace the old one?

i just started the new last week and now i was wondering if i wasn’t meant to do the old one first perhaps?

the doubts came up specifically when i started the Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz class since i started to see many more codes i haven’t seen before, none of them realy introduced, but just told to write them down or had to research them based on the prompt.

is it just the way the course evolves? or am i missing something?
it felt a bit like a drastic change compared to the previous classes.

The new one is the old one updated with new ways of teaching. You’ll still get the same lessons, they will just be centered around building a project instead of just solving the tests. This helps you actually retain the info, because the only way to learn to code is by writing code.

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got it.
so, it wasn’t like that before.
yeah, i truly think done this way is veeery effective and works well.
thank you for letting me know.

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you can give your feedback on the course!

the courses are being constantly improved from user feedbacks

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