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You are able to re-submit your projects as many times as you like.

Hope this clarifies

I search this option but i can´t find it. Can you help me please?

You need to do the same steps you did the first time, so you submit again and the project code will be replaced

Thanks so much, i will do it again… I hope that solve my problem y the projects attached in my certification will be updated and looks great with a new CSS style.

Sorry it took long to reply. There is many channels out there. Freecodecamp has a bunch for all they teach on here, plus others. Kevin powell, is considered the best around for css.
w3newbie is awesome too. Web DEv Simplified also. Start with those.

I am practicing from the exercise to get certified. Can you please tell me how can I get the solution to compare with my solution.

There is not posted code to the certification projects. We don’t want people looking and copying the solutions.

Yes but to complete the project the images are to be uploaded. How can I get the link to those images

You can use any images you like. Your project should not look identical to the sample.

Yes, that is very helpful, thank you

Can I download the certificate?

One of the requirements to obtain the certificate is to set my Timeline to public mode. I don’t think this is a good idea because anyone can see the codes inside each project that I have done.

I’m not sure this is true?

I checked already. That is why I reset my timeline to private. Until I completed all my projects, only then I will set my timeline to public.

You should only need to set your profile to public to make the certificate publically viewable…


tl;dr I see something inconsistent in the course code, should I just amend it and submit a PR to see if it’s accepted as a fix?

Step 37 of Learn HTML by building a cat photo app introduces <input> as a self-closing tag, however when encountering the same from step 18 onwards of Learn HTML forms by building a registration form the self-closing tags from the seed code uses <input /> without explanation for the learner why the self-closing tag looks different.

In HTML5 according to section 6 of the start tags spec (which I can’t post a link to unfortunately) it is unnecessary and recommended not to be used.

Basically I think the seed code for <input> tags should end with > and not />

either self closing works. it will automatically out the second closing tag for you. if for some reason the first option wont confirm task complete with no error then just start using the one that freecode camp does for you.

Thanks for the assistance, both work in terms of passing the tests so it’s great it doesn’t prevent progress. What I was asking is whether the course itself should be updated so it is consistent and also the current recommended practice?

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Best Advice regarding that is to send a message to freecodecamp forum. Someone who works there eventually will see the post and response with the correct answer. I do know that they try to always follow what is updated to work in code editors and standard allowance of web browsers. So if either is k, they might just allow people to do their chose.