Responsive Web Design

Hello Guys
I am progressing through the “Responsive Web Design” course well, however i am worried that i might not implementing the correct technique for information retention as all i am doing is doing what i am told by the step by step prompts. should i continue just going step by step or should i be practicing on the side. I worry the course will catch me out later when they ask me to do somthing read and did much ealier in the course. please advise. your input will be much appciated.

Thanks you in advance

  • Siz

you don’t need to worry, coding is an exam with open book, and the whole book is the internet, you can practice on the side for sure! But you will also reach soon the first final project in which you have to put to practice the things you are learning

thank you for this. I will carry on and refer to the past material