Responsive web desin

i am fresher in responsive web design that’s why can you help me out in building a tribute page?

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Feel free to ask questions as they come up or ask for help when you get stuck. We’re happy to help.

Thank You!
plz let me know that how to proceed for building a tribute page.

at first ,
pay attention on the user stories that required.

second, make a your codepen or github account. to start write your html and css in it.

third, copy and link the cdn script inside your body element. best to placed it right before the closing </body> tag.
you can write it like this :
<script src=""></script>

after you completed run the test see if you pass all the test. if not press the red test button, to see the error addressing.

thats it for now.
happy coding

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ok thank you
now i have done with this course so will i get any certificate or not ?

hi @sanyagarg,

yes you would after completing all five projects, youll claimed your Responsive Web Design Certificate.

ya I have completed but didn’t get certificate yet

wow that was fast.

youve done all the projects of responsive web design already?

then you should have claimed it, there should be a notification somewhere.
im not done yet, still working on my 3rd project.

edit: you sure have linked your completed pen ?

You need to acknowledge the academic honesty pledge in your account settings before you can claim the certificate. Once you claim the certificate, it will appear on your profile.

ya i have done with all these things.
but i dont knw how to make portfolio public
so, can you tell me the solution for the same?

On the same page (your settings page) are all the privacy settings.

ya thank you
but it is again showing the same (make portfolio public).

so youre saying all the 5 Responsive Web Design projects were finished and you still dont get those certificate?

It sounds like you’re saying that your changes are not saving? Try signing out, clearing your cache, and signing in again.