Responsive Web Dev Certification

Hi Everyone!

I’ve worked through the certification over the last several weeks and submitted my last project about a week ago, but I haven’t received my certificate yet.

I’m wondering if there is a long wait time, or does it mean that my projects were not successful?

I’m super pumped to move on to the next certification - my old nemesis, JS and more :smiley_cat:

@zenidith Follow these step to get it:

  • Go to Profile settings
  • Then scroll down until you see this:
  • Then if you have completed the projects you will see the
    “Claim Certification” button. Click it.
  • Then there will be and green box under the header and the button’s text will change to “Show Certification”. Click it.
  • Then you will see your full certification.

Hope this help

OH, I got it!

yayyyY! thank you

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