Responsive Web Development

I just wanted to know, that when creating webs, we usually use HTML, CSS an Javascript. is javascript involved in the Responsive Web Development certification? is it used in any of the challenges provided. I haven’t yet completed my certification, but am still working on it. just wanted a heads up.

Hi @Delux003!

JavaScript is not needed for the Responsive Web Development section. Some people use it for the projects, but it is not required in order to pass the project tests.

So in order for me to learn parts of javascript specifically based on web development that links to html and css. I will need to go through the whole Javascript Algorithms and Data Structures certification?

@Delux003 That is my personal recommendation, yes. Learning the basics of JavaScript has helped me understand the JavaScript that I use in React and vanilla JavaScript web development.

that can surely be a lot of work… but it makes sense, thank you for answering my questions. have a good one.

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oh and one more thing, do you personally think that using javascript libraries are necessary? especially for vanilla javascript coding?

@Delux003 I don’t know if there is a general answer to this or if I can adequately answer it. I don’t have enough experience to know. My sense is that if a library is well-written and helps a project in an important way, then one should use it. As I’m learning, though, I try to only use vanilla JavaScript wherever possible.

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Hey, no hard feelings. But thanks for the answers and heads up. I would still be much confused if you hadn’t replied to my first question. So much appreciated for that.

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