Responsive Website 1st project for review

Hi All,

I have already done complete responsive website challenges a year ago when preparing to find a job in the web dev field, but then my baby was born and I had other priorities. Now when I am settled I want to get back pursuing my dream and starting everything from scratch. Please find my 1st project and tell me what you think

PS. I know it is noting super impressive, but all requirements are checked

Also attaching a project from last year

Thank you in advance

Hi @MarekMac
Welcome back.
Good job upon completing the project. I love the dark color. I suggest you:

  1. Generate google’s lighthouse score. There are things you might want to improve
  2. I found the description text quite difficult to read. I suggest you increase spacing between subsequent lines of text.
  3. It is difficult to make sense of the menu items in mobile view because you are displaying them on one line irrespective of screen size.

Happy hacking.

Your most recent one is really good. I love the theme that fits the subject, the responsiveness of everything. But maybe the navbar on mobile could be stacked on top of each other instead of on one line.

The earlier one has some impressive interactive features. And when width is big enough it looks stunning. But when you start to narrow down the width, slight bits of issues come out.
There is a bit where the navbar doesn’t fit so a horizontal scrollbar pops up. And at the most narrow the date of birth/death overflows, and the jump to top button takes up a bit too much of the screen.

Really impressive and well done stuff. Congratulations and welcome back.

Dear @nibble and @MatchaCrisp

Thank you very much for your reviews will most def work on this project according to your advises

ps. attaching lighthouse’s measures - great tool, I didn’t know about it!

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