Responsive website

I have a question.
I am currently building my first website a simple homepage.
I think about what to use to make it responsive.
when I look at large websites I see that they still use float but also grid and flexbox.
most of the tutorials on youtube show grid or flexbox.
they say float is too old
Could it be that you have to use all 3 to make the page look good even on older browsers?

You’d have to give us an example what what they were using float for. Give us a link to the page and point out where they are using it. Otherwise it’s really hard to comment on what they were doing and why they were doing it and if it was the best option.

There are still legitimate uses for float but for most layouts flex or grid make a lot more sense. Even IE11 supports them, so no, you don’t need to use float for older browsers.

Maybe I got something wrong, but when I look at the page ( they often use float.

Again, there are legitimate uses for float. And yes, you can use float instead of flex/grid if you want (although personally I think that makes it harder). But to answer you primary question above:

No, using float is not required to make a page look good in older browsers.

As far as this specific site, I cranked my text size up and things started breaking, so they can’t even get responsiveness 100% correct in the first place. Not sure I would use them as an example of how to do responsive web pages correctly.

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thank you for the quick answer!