Responsively resize an element

Hi all,
I’m new in Web development. I’ve been trying to pass the Tribute project but I’m stuck on the image that should be resized. I tried so many combinations but in vain, googled, checked on forums if I can get a piece of code that can solve the issue but none worked. I need some help please. Here is the project :

Welcome, tdann.

I have moved this to a more suitable sub-forum.

I suggest you take a look at the error messages from the tests. They are very detailed:

Use the “display” style property with a value of “block” for responsive images.: expected ‘inline’ to equal ‘block’

Hope this helps

I added the display and width as requested by the error message but there was no change.

Has the error changed?

You are close to being done. The issue is, once you change your image to being display: block, it is no longer centred. Keep going, one step at a time/one error at a time. You will get there :slight_smile: