Responsiveness works on codepen but not on actual site

Hello, I have my portfolio uploaded to https//, and am having a small issue with the responsiveness, specifically it doesn’t fill the screen on mobile, yet it does and works perfectly when I load the same code on codepen. Anyone have any idea why this might be? Google doesn’t seem to have the answer lol

The page doesn’t load for me and i don’t know what version of the portfolio on Codepen to look at, so it’s kind of hard to help. The Portfolio.Final.4.0, does have an overflow problem, partly caused by the social icons and partly by the nav.

Sorry It’s actually and the version is Wow lol. I did add an overflow-x: hidden property, it works in codepen on mobile but not the actual site. is giving me a 403 Forbidden, still can’t help sorry.

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Yeah I’m having issues with hosting as well so basically going to start from scratch. Thanks anyway!