Resposive Web design

I have developed 3 website for my portfolio. The only problem is making the responsive to the different screen size. I am using the css media query, but there are limit to it. I still can get the websites to respond to the particular dimension of the larger screen size (like desktop and 17inch laptop). I tried using these combined query for large but it doesnt seem to have any effect:

@media (min-width: 1288px) and (min-width: 1708px)

So, I turn to bootstrap. But I am struggling to find the correct responsive query for screen and position.This is one of the site I am working on.

This one’s just a typo! You’re using 2 "min-width"s instead of a min-width and max-width. Try @media (min-width: 1288px) and (max-width: 1708px).