Restart Javascript section?

Hi guys, please I want to know if it is possible to restart a particular section. I have gone half-way through the Javascript section but most of the time, I was copying and pasting and never really understood what I was doing, but now, I have increase my knowledge and I want to start all over again. Is there a way I can go back and restart the section again?

If you open a challenge, your solution will be automatically loaded in if it is in your browser cache. So if you clear your browser cache you won’t see your solution when you redo a challenge, but your solution will still be available through your profile.

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thanks but I want to restart again, like delete the previous data not from my browser but generally

As far as I know, you can’t delete one particular section. If you just want to go over a section again without your old solutions popping up, clearing your browser cache is the only fix I know.

But maybe someone else knows another option…

Why not create a new username?

Lol, thought about that but that would mean starting from beginning again which I’m not ready to do. I will just go ahead and start regardless if i have completed the task before and just understand it this time , then continue from where I left off

At every challenge you can always reset the challenge. I do that, mostly to make sure I repeat concepts over and over so they’ll stick. I squint and then reset. Finish the challenge and make sure you reset the next one too.

Oh really, is there like a button to do that. Sorry I’m currently using mobile so I can check that out

yes… you can reset the exercise… Go and reset a few… then go have a coffee and come back and try them out… give enough time (say 10 mins) for your short term memory to be filled with other mindless junk so you don’t even recall the original solution you see before you hit reset…

I don’t know what it looks like on mobile. This is what reset looks like on desktop. It resets the exercise you are on at the moment.

I hope that helps.

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