Restarting some modules

When you didn’t learn what you were supposed to learn, even after passing all challenges, forgot what you learned or can’t apply what you just learned, start over again…

I am restarting the regex in JS and the OOP modules… I have seen that this FCC certification is going to make me sweat, cry and bleed (of course I am exaggerating…) but I believe it is worth doing.

Revisiting the same material can certainly be helpful.

Sometimes studying the same material from different sources can also help it sink in.

For regexes you could try the Net Ninja’s Regex course

For Object Oriented JavaScript you could try Brad Traversy’s course

I think the OOP section is worth repeating, but not so much the regex portion.

Regex is really powerful for pattern matching, but isn’t very useful outside of that. You won’t really need to know regex unless your facing that specific problem.

It’s more of a “lookup when you run into it sorta” deal. So just having a rough idea of how it works and when you’d want to use it should be good enough to move on.

OOP on the other hand is more of a way to create code based on a general concept. It’s value is also something that can be carried over to another language.

The final option is to forge ahead and only re-review if you find you need it. Both of these topics are the kind you’ll need to reuse and expand on in the future as they can be expansive topics on their own, but trying to “master” it now might not be worth it compared to moving on and coming back when you find you need to.

Keep learning and keep building :+1::+1:


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’m reading Eloquent JavaScript as well and I’m struggling. Your material looks very good.

Many thanks @bradtaniguchi One of the projects seems to be closely related to regex (the telephone thing) so when I tried my hand at it, I knew something was missing…

Yes! This is one where regex can come in handy and nice job seeing that!

I think reviewing it for this project could be worth it, or you could take a less direct route. As the curriculum is designed to introduce concepts to you, but you might not need this “first taste” approach.

It might be better to take what you remember, and try out a different resource or branch out and try a new dedicated tool. Something like:

Could be used to test out regex.

Its also worth mentioning that regex, like many tools, could be come “a hammer” where everything “looks like a nail”. Don’t be afraid of using other tools to solve the problem beyond just regex itself.

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