Restaurant App/Project

Does anyone want to help me with a project or give me guidance? I am looking to work on a project as a means to learn.

I would like to make a website that people can log onto from their phone after they sit down at a restaurant and the website will suggest what meals from this particular restaurant the person will enjoy the taste of and which meals they should avoid.

As far as I understand, sense of taste is genetic. A type of wine can taste excellent to one person and terrible to the next and vice versa, there is no universal good or bad.

The website would use pure correlation. Users would both look up items to see if they would enjoy them and also rate items that they have already eaten to give correlative data.

The “backend” is the tricky part. I have done most of the front-end lessons on FCC but I haven’t done the back end lessons and they look very sparse anyway. That’s really where I am at a loss.

You need to think about how you would get this correlative data first. Are you going to collect it yourself? Are you going to buy it from a research firm? If you already have the data, then what structure (db schema) do you plan to use? Do you know the exact data you will even need to perform to generate a predicate model for the suggestions? Will you be using regression analysis some type of cluster analysis?

If you are willing to make the project open source, then you will probably have a better chance of others helping you work on the project. Otherwise, you are just soliciting for free help on an app that could potentially be