Restaurant-Survey Form

@Steffan153 How did you do the blurring text??
that is so cool!!!

@ConnerOw1115 Thanks. It can be done using opacity property in CSS.

@ConnerOw1115 Wrap your text with spoiler tags, like this: [spoiler]This will be blurred[/spoiler]

@shwetapatel3591 Using that would be pretty complicated, putting style and script tags in your post. You can also select your text and click the gear, and click “Blur Spoiler”. That will wrap the text in the spoiler tags. Also, just opacity wouldn’t do it. You would mainly need filter: blur(1px or 2px). Here’s a pen I made trying to reproduce it:

Noticed some issues (atleast from my side…)

1: “Restaurant-Survey Form” block is with different colors (black/light yellow).
(even background image don’t have such palette)

2: If i check website on computer, text string is very wide… That’s reason i don’t like how last word ‘comments’ is on separate line.

3: I think you should add dotted line or more space between zones…

  • Info about client
  • Info about restaurant
  • More information

4: You set email required, but if im 70 old and i don’t have such thing…

5: Fill form is huge, but radio and checkbox so tiny, i can’t even see what i selected…

6: Maybe not so huge issue, but email,name,age inputs centered, but not dropdown and radio selections

7: Textarea is very close too ‘Other’ … So maybe i need to fill that after i select ‘Other’?

8: Textarea should be with min-height :slight_smile:

9: Button hover color looks strange

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@pastuh Thank you for your suggestions. I will try to solve the issues.

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I can help if needed :slight_smile:

@Steffan153 Thanks. I will ask you if I need your help.

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For a color picker, Google for “color picker” and Google will give you its own.

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You can make radio and check boxes bigger, with transform: scale(1.5 or whatever scaling point); that’s almost the only one you can use to customize those things

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@shwetapatel3591 Here’s a fork I made with all the suggestions applied (except not the email required one, because in the tests it says the email needs to be required), and I also improved your setup so that if you want to change your main text color or background color, you can just change the CSS variables at the top:
Feel free to adjust the colors around :slightly_smiling_face: :rainbow:

Good job, does good on small screens too.

@Steffan153 It looks good. I appreciate your help and guidelines. :+1:

@IAmRC1 Thank you so much for your feedback.

Hi Shweta, your project only deals with “Restaurant Survey”.

The project that I’m building will deal with “every business need” and for “every type of business”, too much and too sensitive to mention publicly.

Would you or any other members like to join my project?

@percy Yes, I will join your project.

OK, would you like to give me your email address? Or you could email me at david dot wildermoth at yandex dot com

Your form looks good to me. I wouldn’t use a cursive font because they are hard to read for a lot of people. If you have to use a cursive font, try to find one that is a little more spaced-out (kerned). Just a thought.

@geekysmurf Thank you so much for the feedback. I will try to use Kerned fonts next time.