Restore deleted Algorithm scripting solutions

A month or so ago, I wrote an infinite loop. Whatever I did to fix the problem deleted the solutions I wrote to the Algorithm challenges. I still have credit for solving the problem, but I cannot see my old code. It would be nice to see how I solved the problems, for reference.

Is there a way for me to retrieve these answers without annoying Quincy?

I don’t think so. From what I gathered, your code is only stored locally. Open the console while on the challenge and type localStorage (then enter). There are your solutions. Unless all of your attempts are also stored on the server, and I don’t see a reason why, you’ll have to do it again, sorry.

It may be in your code portfolio. Try signing in to fcc and clicking on your picture or the [points] at the top, then scroll down until you get to the solution you’re looking for and click “view solution”. I’ve cleaned out my browser since I first solved most of the challenges (so my solution doesn’t appear when I go to a challenge through the map), but I can still see my last solution if I go through my profile.


@mtroiani is correct - all of your solutions are stored in our database and you can access them from your code portfolio by scrolling down to the challenge in question and clicking “view solution”.


Thanks @mtroiani and @QuincyLarson. I was looking for the solutions through the Map link. I see them where you pointed me to. Thanks so much.